Malaysia’s battle against the  dreaded Covid-19 infection is seeing hopeful signs that it is slowly winning the battle to break the chain of Coronavirus infections.  To support the government, we have decided to step forward to help the less fortunate and our health front-liners with a project call “Protect Yourself and Share Your Love”.

We feel that the less fortunate community in Malaysia had not been provided with the essential and appropriate aid in the current challenging time. The Covid-19 lock-down has also made it tough for organisations to provide the necessary aid to such communities. To ensure the necessary aid and contribution is channeled to these less fortunate groups, Seven Gifts has kick started a project to sell face masks to raise the necessary funds to help these group as well as our health front-liners.

Project Objectives

• To raise public awareness on how Malaysians need to protect themselves from contracting Covid-19 by using certified and the appropriate type of face masks.

• To tell the public that it is really simple and easy to help the needy, everyone can offer help just by supporting our cause.

• To raise the awareness of public on the importance of giving back to the community and place you call home.

The complete proceedings from the sale of the face masks would channeled to front-liners and orphanages.

Project Strategies

“Protect Yourself & Share Your Love” kicked-off on 1st April 2020 and is expected to continue until the end of June. As part of the project to raise funds, a 50 piece box of 3 ply face mask with FDA and CE Certification would be sold at MYR 75 while 1 piece of the face mask would be sold at MYR 1.50.

In terms of distribution of the face masks, our team has come up with the safest and the least human to human contact delivery plan. We have taken into account the need for the compulsory social distancing and have decided to deliver the face mask consignment and leave it at the doorstep of the individual donor. Individuals could make the purchases for the face masks by contacting Seven Gifts team to place an order.

WhatsApp: 010-255 0770 (Jaccy) or 016-987 7008 (Keith) 



“We believe that the well-being of our beloved nation is everyone’s responsibility.
By giving back to the place which you call home, it helps to unite the community and bridge some of the social and economic.
It is a fulfilling feeling to contribute back to society and we hope that more people would support us in this good cause.”